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A Conservatory is the easiest and most affordable way you can transform your home. From a luxurious lounge and dining area, to a stylish home office or gym, a Conservatory gives you the freedom to create anything you want and the flexibility to change how you use it again and again. Understanding the importance of getting exactly what you want, here at TradeMark we offer unrivalled choice across every aspect of your Conservatory; ensuring you get a Bespoke Conservatory that perfectly matches your home and lifestyle.

From style, size, and colour, to roof, doors, and interior, our incredible selection and experienced designers have been creating quality Bespoke Conservatories in Berkshire for more than 25 years. You can choose from bi-folding doors that instantly bring the outdoors into your home, to energy efficient frames, noise-reducing roofs and self-cleaning windows. We provide enough choice to ensure you never have to compromise in getting what you want. A TradeMark Bespoke Conservatory will not only change how you use your home, but also reduce your energy bills and add value to your property. Featuring a range of modern materials, including aluminium and UPVC, our Conservatories boast incredible energy efficiency; allowing you to keep your home warmer for longer for less.

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See what our happy customers have had done recently. Take a look some of our other conservatory projects

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A bespoke conservatory made of strong and low maintenance UPVC in a beautiful woodgrain effect and featuring French doors and PVC roof that allows natural light...

Double-Hipped Conservatory

This bespoke lean-to conservatory follows a traditional, Edwardian design. A grey finish to the UPVC windows and french doors enhances the 18th century style with a...

Loggia Conservatory

This cream coloured Loggia conservatory provides superb lighting on all angles. It is made of a sturdy upvc material with a cornice lantern roof and tilt...

Green Edwardian Conservatory

This unique green Edwardian conservatory features a cornice and French doors characteristic of the Edwardian era. Constructed from UPVC it is elegant and easy to maintain....

Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey’s Best Conservatories…

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than when a local Berkshire, Hampshire or Surrey householder gets in touch with us to ask whether we can integrate one of our many conservatory designs into their home.

Many of the conservatories you see in your local neighbourhood will more than likely have been designed, fitted and installed by TradeMark as people seem to love what we do, and we love giving it them. We deal with every single aspect of conservatory installation, inside and out, so you’re in very capable hands. Just let us work our magic and help make your aspirations of owning a stylish home extension come true.

Energy Efficiency

A quality conservatory is one that has a great level of thermal efficiency, allowing less heat from escaping your home. This of course has a knock-on effect to your energy bills, whilst simultaneously being environmentally friendly. All of our products are designed and manufactured with energy efficiency in mind. Our window energy efficiency levels go to the levels of A+ and A++ and our frames are of the highest quality.


You want to impress visitors into your home with the aesthetics of your new conservatory, however it’s imperative that in addition to boasting stylish aesthetics your conservatory is suitably tough and will protect your home around the clock. Conservatories from Trademark will give you such peace of mind as its robustness is quite extraordinary due to the design and manufacture of top quality locking systems and utilising a mixture of incredibly resilient materials.

Noise Reduction

Home improvements such as a new conservatory, require consideration around how noises from the outside world could enter your home. This is important for properties in built-up areas, but also needs considering for people living close to main roads. All conservatories from Trademark are built with noise reduction in mind, tested thoroughly and perpetually improved to ensure you have the most enjoyable living areas you could wish for that aren’t affected by noises outside.

Create a doorway to the outdoors…

Being sat so close to your garden whilst inside your conservatory will give you a constant temptation to go out and embrace outdoor living, made easier when you choose to have a set of doors integrated into the design. We have several inventive door solutions available to make this a reality which you can put into operation with simplistic ease.

Bi-folding Doors

There are ordinary doors and then there are extraordinary doors and a set of Bi-Folds most definitely fit into the latter category not just because of how stylish they look, but also due to the unique way they can be manoeuvred. They include a number of individual door leafs which can be gently folded to create multiple openings dependent on your mood and draw in the outdoors, indoors.

Patio Doors

Though each of our conservatories are highly spacious you can seemingly make them feel even more roomy by having Patio Doors installed and leaving them ajar on a regular basis so that the sun has a direct route inside and illuminates. Even when closed firmly shut thanks to the large pieces of glass inserted into the door frames a generous amount of sunlight will still shine through.n.

French Doors

Heading the list of elegant door offerings is the sophistication that is a pair of French doors, undoubtedly one of the most attractive door options ever created. When the double opening comes into operation it results in a hugely generous opening which is ideal if you’re looking to marry together indoor and outdoor environments. They will most come into their own whenever you host a special occasion in your conservatory or out on the patio.

Give the framing system all your focus…

If you lined up a row of conservatories next to each other they would all have their own individual character and that is primarily due to the type of framing utilised in the design. It’s only when you look up close that you notice the many distinctive features in the frame and we offer two forms of frame; traditional and contemporary. Assess which you like best and we will craft it to your liking.


Large numbers of conservatory designs utilise UPVC as it immensely tough, durable and provides exceptional energy efficiency; essential ingredients for any modern-day home extension. Such is the quality of the material that even when it comes into constant contact with the elements it has the properties needed to remain totally free of gradual wear and tear so that you never have to clean or repaint it.


Once a conservatory has been fitted you need it to possess an enduring toughness and it will when you elect to have it manufactured from aluminium. The strength of aluminium may well leave you nonplussed as to how it can be shaped accordingly to create such a structure, but we can inform you that it is extremely flexible and capable of being moulded in various ways. It is also proficient at encompassing vast pieces of glass.


Timber-built conservatories used to be rife in the UK as timber was the principal material utilised in conservatory construction at the time of the extension’s origination but the major problem with wood is that it quickly ages and a result drops in performance. We have established a solution which we call the Heritage range; a collection that is entirely influenced by the traditional sash timber window. It exhibits all the aesthetic characteristics of wood but suffers with none of the afflictions that timber commonly suffers from.

A good conservatory relies upon a great roof…

There’s no chance of a conservatory remaining at a consistently comfortable temperature throughout the year if it doesn’t have a suitable roofing system attached to it; it will almost certainly get far too cold in winter and boiling hot in summer. We have a number of roofing solutions for you to choose between which will safeguard your conservatory and limit external noise from forcing its way in.


One of the nicest things about owning a conservatory is getting the chance to look and admire all that goes on around it which you will be able to do to even greater effect if you have a glass roof planted on top of the structure. So that the glass forever gives you a clear perspective of the outside world we recommend that you choose to have self-cleaning glass included. It also has a fantastic noise-reducing quality so that even the weather can’t disturb your enjoyment.


A conservatory has to be able to retain any warmth generated inside and by the heat of the sun and a polycarbonate roof has over the years shown that it has the necessary ability to do help it do just that. To further lessen the risk of the structure overheating at any stage you can also include foil inserts in the roof which comes in sheets of 25mm and 35mm. Polycarbonate roof colours of clear, bronze and opal will give that final finishing touch.

Stylish Furnished Interior of a Solid Roof Conservatory

Solid Roof

Although a solid roof will to some extent restrict natural light and the view above in comparison to a glass roof, it more than makes up for it in terms  of aesthetic satisfaction, both internally and externally. Solid roofs will give you a greater level of privacy which is just what you want when relaxing in your home extension. Integrated spotlights and roof windows counteract the loss of nautral light nicely. Take your time when selecting the roofing tiles so that you find those that complement the rest of the property and it’s worth noting that a solid-roof is applicable with both a new-build and existing conservatory.

Glass and glazing options available for conservatories…

The majority of homeowners choose to have clear glass placed inside their conservatories, but TradeMark offer a variety of glazing designs which allow you to modify opening vents, windows and doors. Coloured, leaded and bevelled double glazing is provided by TradeMark for those seeking glazing in a range of different styles and colours.

The advantage of bevelled glass is that it somehow makes your conservatory look bigger than it actually is, giving the impression of spaciousness. For a stylish border we suggest coloured glass, whilst a leaded design in the centre of the top opener will have a huge impact. Whatever you choose to do you can be sure of an conservatory you can be proud of.

Lavish your conservatory in an eye-catching colour…

The last thing you want is for your new conservatory to look entirely different to your home and it won’t if you choose a colour that helps it blend in with the original build. You should have no problems finding something suitable as we have one of the most extensive colour ranges you will find with finishes including light oak, green, whitegrain, cream, and of course, a traditional white. We cover the entire colour spectrum.

Don’t leave planning permission and building regulations as an afterthought…

You could run into problems if you fail to find out whether planning permission is required prior to your conservatory being built and fitted as it could lead to retrospective action being taken and an order being made that the structure be torn down. TradeMark will find out whether you need to abide by such obligations and take the necessary steps on your behalf if you do.

We make conservatory buying easy…

People are often surprised by how many things there are to think about when buying a conservatory and it can leave some feeling overwhelmed by the process which is highly understandable. But trust us; you’re in the safest of hands and dealing with a company who know conservatories inside out. We will advise you in every regard from the initial consultation, right through to the conclusion of the project, even providing after-sales care when you need it.

Lovely UPVC Conservatory Complimenting a Garden Area


Before any conservatory building goes ahead we will pay a visit to your home to analyse where the structure is best positioned so that it perfectly meets with your individual requirements. Your conservatory will receive an abundance of natural sunlight early in the day if facing north or easterly or brighten up as the day progresses if positioned in a southerly or westerly direction.


Because of the vast size of a conservatory there are a whole host of ways that you can utilise the space and how one person utilises it could be entirely different from what someone else does. You need to make an early decision as to how you want the conservatory to function whether that means transforming it into an additional living or dining area, using it as your own personal home gymnasium or having it converted into a place for conducting work-related duties from home.


We have an extensive range of conservatory accessories available to help make your purchase an even more enjoyable place to spend your time, this includes fans and heaters. Talk through all the options with our consultants who will gladly point you in the direction of what you need.



When you’re given a quote by TradeMark we remind you to weigh up everything that you’ll be getting for your money as we truly believe we offer outstanding value when you take into consideration the quality of our products and standard of service. Feel free to approach other companies for a rival quote but we have confidence that you will see that TradeMark stands out on its own.


When making a substantial investment into a conservatory you need to be confident that what you’re buying will last. That’s why any time anyone purchases a conservatory from us we supply them with a length guarantee which covers them if any problems arise with the structure in the future. Within the guarantee it states that occasionally small remedial adjustments may need to be made.

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Glass Rooms

For fantastic views of your garden and the surrounding areas a glass room conservatory is an obvious choice for your property.

Loggia Conservatories

A Loggia conservatory easily solves the issue of a lack of space in your home with high-quality, durable materials.

Replacement Conservatories

Give your home a makeover with a replacement conservatory. Our quality of design, service and installation is seamless and stress-free.

Bespoke Conservatories

If you have something specific in mind then we are more than happy to offer you a bespoke orangery, made to your specifications.

T-Shape Conservatories

A T-shaped conservatory makes the most of the longer walls of your property, extending your space in the best way possible.

P-Shape Conservatories

A P-shaped conservatory is an elegant way to add extra space to your home, with space to relax and move about in at all times.

Gable Conservatories

Featuring a gable-end, a gable conservatory gives an elegant finish to your home whilst allowing plenty of light into your property.

Lean-To Conservatories

If you don’t have much space to extend into but need a little more in your home then a lean to conservatory is the best solution for you.

Victorian Conservatories

A Victorian conservatory is the ideal way to add a little extra space to a property that is traditional in style.

Edwardian Conservatories

The Edwardian conservatory is a popular option for a reason, combining traditional style and clean lines in one versatile space.