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An Orangery is one of the most dramatic ways you can transform how your home looks and how you use it. From a luxurious lounge and dining room, to a stylish home office or entertaining area, the versatility of a Bespoke Orangery gives you the freedom to create anything you want and the flexibility to change how you use it, again and again. Orangeries combine the strength of solid brick walls with the benefits of a glass Conservatory. Most simply described as a room with a glazed roof, a modern Orangery is incredibly versatile and flexible. As such, Orangeries give you a fantastic new space regardless of what the weather is doing outside.

As one of the most respected and trusted producers and installers of Bespoke Orangeries in Berkshire, here at TradeMark we will give you complete control over the look and feel of your Orangery. Our experienced designers will help you create a solution perfectly sized and suited to your home.

To reflect the incredible versatility of Orangeries, we can customise your bespoke solution in almost any way you want, including energy efficient frames, thermal glazing, self-cleaning windows, Wi-Fi and extra plug sockets. As a local, family-run business, we understand the need to reduce how much Bespoke Orangeries cost, which is why we strive to offer the lowest prices available, whilst never compromising on quality or materials.

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Solid Roof Lean To Orangery

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Bespoke Solid Roof Orangery

A bespoke contemporary solid grey roof orangery complete with Bi-Fold doors. The doors allow natural light to enter the room giving it a homely feel inside....

Go down the traditional or contemporary route…

You can place two window systems side-by-side and if there’s any major difference between the two in terms of appearance then it’s likely to be the type of frame utilised as a traditional and contemporary frame share entirely contrasting dimensions and contours. Check them both out before commissioning the final design.


UPVC has proved to be a perfect material choice for orangery craftsmanship as it offers immense durability and is totally weather-resistant, so there’s no chance of the structure’s good looks ever diminishing. It will keep it watertight and free from draughts so that you can revel in its splendour time and time again.


A good orangery should be able to deal with anything that’s thrown at it weather-wise so it is essential that it has a robust exterior which it will have if you choose to have it crafted from aluminium. The strength of aluminium is quite remarkable made all the more surprising when we tell you that it is extremely easy to mould into different shapes, hence why it comes with such slim sightlines throughout. A sublimated woodgrain finish will also make it look as though it’s made from timber.


For an orangery design that looks as though it’s been around forever, yet still exhibits a stylish exterior contemplate opting for our Heritage range. It is inspired by the original 19th Century sash timber window in meticulous detail and we’ve even created a range of hardware solutions befitting of the period including peg stays, butt hinges and monkey tail handles.

Bringing the outside world into your orangery…

Being sat inside an orangery puts you within close proximity of your back garden so don’t be at all surprised if you get a constant urge to go outside. To make reverting to the garden easier why not incorporate a set of doors into your orangery such as French Doors, Patio Doors or Bi-Folding Doors. When left open, they will unite orangery and garden by bringing the two environments together.

Bi-folding Doors

One of our door solutions hugely stands out from any of our other offerings because of the unique way it operates and the many different openings you can create with it. We are referring to our Bi-Folding Doors which work like a concertina and comprise several individual door leafs that fold and glide when given the gentlest of pushes. It goes without saying that they look stunning too.

Patio Doors

Your orangery will already feel incredibly spacious but you can seemingly enhance spaciousness further by integrating Patio Doors into the design and leaving them in the open position on a regular basis. Their presence will also make it easier for you to transfer furniture outside into the garden whenever the opportunity arises.

French Doors

The fact that French Doors offer a double and such an expansive inwardly and outwardly opening is what attracts them so much to many orangery buyers as they give them totally unrestricted access to the garden. When locked, they just look the part, oozing with elegance and that’s because an enormous amount of time has been dedicated towards the design process.

The roof is an integral part of the orangery…

You can only guarantee orangery performance once it has a suitable roof covering attached to it and there are three types of roofing system available at TradeMark; the Classic Roof, Cornice Roof and Lantern Roof. The majority of orangeries come fitted with the Classic Roof but the Cornice and Lantern variations have separate individual qualities that may appeal to you.

Classic Roof

The Classic Roof is so-called because it has been around for such a long time and proven itself to be a wholly adequate addition to the orangery. One of its finest plus points is how it’s capable of accommodating a significantly large piece of glass so that when inside you have the most spectacular view above your head. It’ll enable you to gain a clear perspective.

Cornice Roof

When people walk inside your orangery you want it to really wow them and the inclusion of a Cornice Roof will most certainly help you do that, particularly if you choose a finish that complements the brickwork walls and makes it look uniform. Add it to your orangery buying shopping list.

Lantern Roof

The Lantern Roof is more widely recognised as an Atrium Roof to some people but however you coin it there is absolutely no questioning its smartness when integrated into the orangery ceiling. In addition to its aesthetically-pleasing look, it will also contribute towards energy efficiency and prevent the extension from ever overheating or becoming too cold to live in.

A wealth of internal and external finishes…

Your orangery design should look like it’s part of the furniture but it will only turn out this way if you choose a suitable finish for the design. You can’t fail to find a finish that works as we have a comprehensive selection of styles for you to ponder over including a number of woodgrain finishes which when applied to the frames will create a timber-like effect.

UPVC Colours

One of the biggest selling points that UPVC has is that it can be adorned in multiple forms of colour, not just your traditional white or blacks. Whilst there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a white or black coloured orangery, far from it, there are alternatives such as grey and Chartwell Green to really help your orangery attract the attention.

Aluminium Colours

Everyone loves our aluminium colours and we put it down to us putting each individual finish through a rigorous 11-stage powder-coating process which is what gives it that deepness in texture and richness. This way it also means that the colour will never wear away or fade. If you have a fondness for timber then make sure you check out our woodgrain effects of Rosewood, Oak and Walnut.

Heritage Colours

Having a timber-based orangery was usually the way when the original structure was established which whilst no doubt looked impressive, it could rapidly age as the weather got hold it and be left feeling freezing in winter and too hot in summer. Our Heritage range is designed to imitate the look of timber but eliminate the other problems that blight real wood. Entirely influenced by the traditional 19th Century sash timber window, it comes in period finishes of Painswick, Cotswold Biscuit and Cream.

Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey’s Best Orangeries…

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than when a local Berkshire, Hampshire or Surrey householder gets in touch with us to ask whether we can integrate one of our many conservatory designs into their home.

Many of the orangeries you see in your local neighbourhood will more than likely have been designed, fitted and installed by TradeMark as people seem to love what we do, and we love giving it them. We deal with every single aspect of orangery installation, inside and out, so you’re in very capable hands. Just let us work our magic and help make your aspirations of owning a stylish home extension come true.

Energy Efficiency

A quality orangery is one that has a great level of thermal efficiency, allowing less heat from escaping your home. This of course has a knock-on effect to your energy bills, whilst simultaneously being environmentally friendly. All of our products are designed and manufactured with energy efficiency in mind. Our window energy efficiency levels go to the levels of A+ and A++ and our frames are of the highest quality.


You want to impress visitors into your home with the aesthetics of you new orangery, however it’s imperative that in addition to boasting stylish aesthetics, your orangery is suitably tough and will protect your home around the clock. Orangeries from Trademark will give you such peace of mind as its robustness is quite extraordinary due to the design and manufacture of top quality locking systems and utilising a mixture of incredibly resilient materials.

Noise Reduction

Home improvements such as a new orangery, require consideration around how noises from the outside world could enter your home. This is important for properties in built-up areas, but also needs considering for people living close to main roads. All orangeries from Trademark are built with noise reduction in mind, tested thoroughly and perpetually improved to ensure you have the most enjoyable living areas you could wish for that aren’t affected by noises outside.

Planning permission and building regulations mustn’t be forgotten…

Most orangery installations can go ahead without any need for planning permission beforehand and already adhere to the building regulations set out. But occasionally prior consent will be necessary with an application put in to your local authority. If that happens to be the case then you can leave it to TradeMark to deal with such matters on your behalf.

Buying an orangery should never be complicated…

There’s a whole world of possibilities to consider when buying an orangery but the experience shouldn’t be enough to overawe you, especially when you have a firm like TradeMark to guide you every step of the way. Our consultants are the best in the business when it comes to supplying customers with invaluable advice and expertise so you can always trust in TradeMark.

Beautiful White Orangery Conservatory in Berkshire Surrey Hampshire


The positioning of the orangery has to be exactly right so that you can utilise it as and when you get the urge to in never-ending comfort. Prior to the fitting of the orangery commencing we will visit your home to judge where the structure is best placed. Your will find that an orangery facing in a northerly or easterly direction will be at its warmest in the morning, whereas a southerly or westerly facing orangery comes into its own in terms of warmth later in the day. The choice of glass will also have an influence.


Everyone has their own individual ideas as far as how they want to utilise their orangery is concerned and virtually every dream can be accommodated for. We’ve had customers who’ve wanted to transform the orangery into a luxurious dining or living area, some who like to work from home and use it is as personal office space and some who just want to provide their kids with a place to play. Depending on what you want don’t forget any important additional extras such as Wi-Fi and plug sockets.


The number of orangery accessories we have available are too numerous to name here but it’s well worth investigating them all in detail as they could help enhance the design. We recommend that you speak to our team of consultants to find out which accessories you may be best investing in as they’ll always provide you with the right answers.


Once the proposed design has been settled upon it will likely be the quote provided to you that determines whether or not you choose to go ahead with TradeMark or a rival company. All we can say is that we strongly believe the quotations we give out fairly reflect the quality of the product and customer service supplied. If you need any proof of our credentials then you should ask around as we’ve dealt with thousands of people in the local area.

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With the option for you to open the roof on one side, Loggia orangeries are a truly versatile addition to your home.

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If you’re looking to expand on space in your home then a contemporary orangery is a stylish and modern way to do so.

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An orangery is an elegant addition to any home and our range of traditional orangeries are a great way to extend your space.