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Beautiful Bi-Folding Doors

Finish your home with a set of simple but elegant Bi-Fold Doors from Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey's #1 supplier.

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Bi-folding Doors

Bi-folding Doors have revolutionised how our homes look and how we use them. Created to maximise viewing and effortlessly making the transition from inside your home to outside, Bi-Fold Doors are a fantastic addition to any home.

Creating wide-open spaces and allowing natural light to flood into your home, our range of Bi-Folding Doors will transform how you use your home. Created to fit any sized space, Bi-Folding Doors allow you to instantly change the entire dynamics of your home with nothing more than a gentle push. Bi-Folding Doors can be installed anywhere in your home; providing you with endless possibilities.

Such functionality and ease at which our experienced fitters can install Bi-Folding Doors into any existing structure have made them a fantastic addition for Conservatories and Orangeries. Here at TradeMark, we are a local, family-based business that has been providing first-class customer service and top-quality home improvement products to homeowners in and around Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey for over 20 years.

Security and versatility

Bi-Folding Doors are incredibly versatile; enabling you to change how you use them again and again. Providing market-leading energy-efficiency, increased sunlight, and incredible security, Bi-Folding Doors are perhaps unrivalled in terms of the benefits they provide. As one of the most trusted and respected manufacturers and installers of Bi-Folding Doors, we offer a wide-variety of designs, expert installation, and the lowest prices around.

A most resourceful door offering…

It isn’t until you actually get the chance to use a set of Bi-Folding doors that you realise just how inventive the design is as they both slide and fold open and closed and do so with true simplicity. It’s even more surprising when you try to operate an aluminium version of this truly outstanding door design as you’d expect it to be heavy and difficult to manoeuvre. That is far from the case. They roll from one side to the other more straightforward than you could imagine.

So much to gain from buying a set of bi-folds…

The moment you first set your eyes upon a set of Bi-Folding doors you will immediately realise just how distinctive they are from any other type of door solution. Their aesthetics really are something to behold and they are guaranteed to have a huge visual impact wherever they happen to be placed whether between home and garden or two internal living areas.

Easy Slide

You will likely never have come across a set of doors that can be so easily operated from side to side as the individual door leafs fold and slide with such simplicity. What enables them to run so freely is the lightness of the design and the stainless steel runners which are constantly kept free or dirt due to the presence of a brush at one end.


Having one standard Bi-Folding door configuration just wouldn’t work and would prevent many people from owning this spectacular door offering. We want everyone to have the chance of integrating them into their home so leave it to TradeMark to configure the doors to suit the available aperture. From two, to a total of seven door leads, we can craft a solution large or small.

Finishes & Colours

There are endless opportunities so far as choosing a colour for our Bi-Folding doors is concerned as we have one of the most wide-ranging and eclectic colour ranges you will find anywhere. You can of course stick to traditional finishes of black or white, however, we also have a sublimated woodgrain effect available that once applied to the frame gives off a similar appearance to real timber. It comes in Oak, Walnut and Rosewood and looks supremely authentic.

Bi-folding doors offer versatility in abundance…


Incorporation of Bi-Folding doors into a brand new or existing conservatory will make the structure that extra bit special as the doors will supply you with a perfect pathway into the garden and allow you to ventilate the space whenever it needs it. Those special occasions hosted in the home will also feel considerably more exceptional and you’ll be extremely thankful for your investment into them.


The orangery is highly regarded in the list of available home extension offerings and can be transformed into something even more spectacular if you have Bi-Folding doors incorporated into its already lavish set-up. An L-shaped design is most logical if your preference is to have Bi-Folds that sit at two separate ends of the design.


Bi-Folding doors aren’t just the reserve of conservatories and orangeries as they can also be utilised for separating other internal areas of the house such as a living and dining room, swimming pool and indoor gymnasium etc. This way each respective room can retain its own individual identity or you can put the doors into operation to amalgamate the two.



The uniqueness of Bi-Folding doors isn’t just due to the way they look and operate, but it’s also because you can utilise them to create countless openings, particularly when your home has the capacity to accommodate up to seven door leafs. If you like the conventional opening of a traditional hinged door then make sure you ask for the inclusion of a ‘passenger door’ in the final design.


People are always taken aback by just how little effort is required to manoeuvre a set of Bi-Folds as all it takes is a gentle push to make the door leafs fold and glide. What makes it all the more surprising is that the doors are crafted from aluminium, a material that you presume to be cumbersome and tough to shift.


You should never let your home reach a point when it feels tired and dated. It is your responsibility to keep it on trend and feeling fashionable and the introduction of Bi-Folding doors will definitely aid you in your quest to get your home up to scratch again. They really are a remarkable invention and will work wonders for your residence.

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Double Lantern Roof Orangery

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Independently Inspected

We are always striving to reduce how much Bi-Folding Doors cost, doing everything we can to provide a low cost solution that whilst not compromising on quality or materials.

To reflect our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction we also ensure that every one of our window and door installations is assessed by an independent Government approved inspector. Not required to do this by law, we insist on this measure to ensure your satisfaction. To further reinforce the conviction we have in the quality of our products and the expertise of our fitters, we offer homeowners throughout Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey a 10 year guarantee.