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Serving as a large, visual feature of a home’s exterior, more and more homeowners are paying attention to the appearance of their windows. To meet this demand, advances in technology and materials have resulted in colours and finishes that are revolutionising how windows look and how they are used. As such, the popularity of Coloured Windows continues to grow.

Here at TradeMark, we have been manufacturing and installing Coloured Windows in Berkshire for more than 25 years. Understanding the many different styles and colours of home found locally, we offer an unrivalled selection of stunning colours and finishes. This choice means your Coloured Windows can be perfectly matched to anything you want, including traditional timber frames.

Alternatively, your coloured frames can be used to offer a more contemporary contrast to existing colours. Such choice includes grey windows, brown windows, white grain, and Chartwell Green, with all undergoing an extensive multi-coating process that provides an incredibly deep, rich finish that will look brand for many years to come. Featuring the unrivalled strength and resilience of materials such as UPVC and aluminium, our Coloured Windows offer some fantastic benefits. One such advantage is the remarkable low maintenance of coloured windows; never fading or needing repainting, your windows will require no more maintenance than a quick wipe of a cloth.


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New cream windows and doors have transformed this rural property. UPVC was an practical choice because it means that they will need little maintenance....

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This semi-detached house was transformed into a striking contemporary home, with the instalment of dark grey composite windows and a stunning french style UPVC front door....

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We provide all types of glazing options, even privacy glazing…

Double Glazing

Single glazed windows just don’t cut it anymore. It is essential that you upgrade any single glazed windows you have at the soonest opportunity and exchange them for double glazed replacements as they will provide a far better level of energy efficiency. Double glazing is also renowned for keeping out draughts, eliminating heat loss and reducing the cost of fuel bills. Its installation will give a greater appreciation for your home and encourage you to spend more time in it.

Triple Glazing

Triple glazing was pretty much unheard of in the UK until a few years ago, more commonly associated with colder climes where homes need to be more thoroughly protected from the elements. But as the cost of energy has leapt so has the necessity to improve thermal insulation within properties and triple glazing with its three panes of thick glass does the job of keeping out the cold and keeping heating costs down.

Privacy Glazing

We rely on our home for privacy but unfortunately we don’t always get it. Everyone should be entitled to a little bit of seclusion when indoors and you can have it when you stipulate the inclusion of privacy glass in your new windows. They will somewhat disguise the inside of your home from view whilst still transferring in a sufficient quantity of natural sunlight so that the interior remains bright and airy during the daytime.

Opt for a traditional, contemporary or fully sculptured frame…

You may not even have realised that you have two types of framing system to choose from when buying a new window design, traditional and contemporary, and when you set your eyes on both of them you will realise how contrasting in style they are. They’re best viewed at our Woodley showroom.



UPVC has universal approval from window buyers as it provides an outstanding amount of thermal efficiency when utilised in window manufacture and is proven when it comes to enhancing security in the home. Another reason why it is regularly given the nod by householders is because it has a weather-resistant exterior so there’s no chance of the weather ever deteriorating the appearance or performance of the frame. No more need for painting or varnishing, just a wash with a cloth enough to bring it back to life.


There are countless assets to be gained from using aluminium as your favoured window material as it is supremely tough, durable and secure. It can withstand just about anything so you will never feel as though your home is under threat at any time. What will surprise many people about aluminium is that despite it being so strong it can still be shaped into the slimmest of window profiles so that you end up one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs imaginable. Once your chosen finish has been applied to the aluminium frame you can also rely on that to remain intact throughout the lifespan of the window.


For windows that support a house design that looks as though it’s been around forever, yet still exhibits a stylish exterior, contemplate opting for our Heritage range. It is inspired by the original 19th Century sash timber window in meticulous detail and we’ve even created a range of hardware solutions befitting of the period including peg stays, butt hinges and monkey tail handles.

A superb blend of colour…

Whilst you want your windows to no doubt stand-out, you don’t want them to have an adverse effect on the appearance of your home so it is essential that you choose a coloured finish that works for all the right reasons. The best way of deciding on a finish is to select a colour that gives an appreciate nod to the finish applied to your old windows, but which also has an individual distinction so that the new installation doesn’t go unnoticed.

UPVC Colours

Traditional white UPVC windows were one of very few colour options available to householders when UPVC first became utilised in window production. But times have changed, technology has advanced and we’re now able to offer you a wide mix of colours including Grey, Chartwell Green and Irish oak amongst many others.

Aluminium Colours

The quality of our aluminium colours really has to be seen to be believed. How do they look so good? It’s because each individual aluminium colour undergoes an 11-stage powder-coating process so that when it is applied to the frame it really comes to the fore and has a deep richness. Staying loyal to this stringent method of colour production means that there’s no chance of the finish ever wearing away.

Heritage Colours

Who could ever get bored of a window that looked exactly like timber? That’s why we decided to invent our take on the traditional sash timber window with Heritage windows, a contemporary version of a period classic. For extra authenticity we also produce them in colours of the time including Clotted Cream, Painswick, Eclectic Grey, Cotswold Biscuit, Corse Lawn and English, Irish and Silvered Oak.

Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey’s Best Orangeries…

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than when a local Berkshire, Hampshire or Surrey householder gets in touch with us to ask whether we can integrate our windows into their home.

Many of the windows you see in your local neighbourhood will more than likely have been designed, fitted and installed by TradeMark as people seem to love what we do, and we love giving it them. We deal with every single aspect of window installation, inside and out, so you’re in very capable hands. Just let us work our magic and help make your aspirations of owning a stylish home improvement come true.

Energy Efficiency

Quality windows are those that have a great level of thermal efficiency, allowing less heat to escape from your home. This of course has a knock-on effect to your energy bills, whilst simultaneously being environmentally friendly. All of our products are designed and manufactured with energy efficiency in mind. Our window energy efficiency levels go from C to the highest levels of A+ and A++, so we have the right choice for you.


You want to impress visitors into your home with the aesthetics of you new windows, however it’s imperative that in addition to boasting fresh looks, your windows are suitably tough and will protect your home around the clock. Windows from Trademark will give you such peace of mind as its robustness is quite extraordinary due to the design and manufacture of top quality locking systems and utilising a mixture of incredibly resilient materials.

Noise Reduction

Home improvements such as new windows, require consideration around how noises from the outside world could enter your home. This is important for properties in built-up areas, but also needs considering for people living close to main roads. All windows from Trademark are built with noise reduction in mind, tested thoroughly and perpetually improved to ensure you have the most enjoyable living areas you could wish for that aren’t affected by noises outside.

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Our Windows Range

Windows & Doors

Looking for a windows & doors to replace your existing ones? We’re bound to have the perfect match for your home.

Thermal Windows

Or range of thermal windows are specially designed to make your home as thermally efficient as possible, no matter the weather.

Georgian Windows

Georgian windows are an understated yet elegant way to update your home, providing style with great hard-wearing qualities.

Bay Windows

If you’re looking to fit a new bay window then we have a wide selection of different styles to help you find the perfect one for your home.

Triple Glazing

If you’re looking for windows that will greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home then our triple glazed windows are for you.

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows are incredibly effective at helping to reduce your heating bills, all whilst making your home look incredible.

Coloured Windows

For something a little different consider installing coloured windows which will help to make your home stand out in the best way.

Woodgrain Windows

Woodgrain windows are a traditional look and our range look great whilst being made of durable and modern materials.

Aluminium Windows

If you wish to add a contemporary appeal to your home then consider installing stylish and hard wearing aluminium windows.

UPVC Windows

UPVC windows are hard-wearing and strong as well as being incredibly low-maintenance, making them the perfect addition to your home.

Heritage Windows

Our range of Heritage windows come in a range of sizes and are especially suitable for highlighting the character of period properties.

Sash Windows

Easy to use and able to allow great amounts of light into the home, sash windows are a superb option for any type of home.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt & Turn windows are the ideal solution for those who wish to allow fresh air into their home without having to open windows and doors.

Casement Windows

Highlighting the understated style of many period properties, our casement windows come in a range of options for you to choose from.

Flush Casement Windows

Blending in perfectly with your property, our flush casement windows will look excellent once installed in your home.

Replacement Windows

Looking for a replacement window to match your pre-existing ones? We’re bound to have the perfect match for your home.

Double Glazing

If you’re considering upgrading your windows the double glazed windows are a must, providing extra energy efficiency all year.