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    Solid Roofs

Solid Roof Extensions

Explore our wide range of options for your Extension. Find the perfect style and colour for you and your home - throughout Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey.

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Solid Roof Extensions

Home Extensions are a fantastic way to quickly and affordably create new living space in your home. A House Extension will allow you to change how you use your home as well as significantly add to its overall value, as such they are a practical and low cost alternative to the high costs and stress of moving home.

Here at TradeMark, we have over 20 years of experience providing local homeowners with quality, well-made Home Extensions in Berkshire. We are perfectly positioned to help you create and install a truly bespoke addition to your home.

The biggest advantage of an Extension is that it can be manufactured to specifically match your requirements. Designed to fit any shape and size property, we can create and install an Extension for any purpose, from extending existing rooms to creating entirely new ones, we have the experience and expertise to ensure you get the right extension for your home.

A Complete Service

We understand that an Extension is a big decision and that there are many different factors that need to be considered, therefore we will work with you every step of the way. Our complete service encompasses everything from initial design to the installation of all electrics. Furthermore, should there be any need for planning permission we will take care of everything; ensuring you get the extension you want as quickly and effortlessly as possible. We are always striving to reduce how much house extensions cost and aim to provide an affordable house extension solution that does not compromise on quality or design.

Gable Conservatory

When it comes to choosing the ideal conservatory many homeowners tend to choose a gable conservatory, as the lazed gable end lets unobstructed light flood the room all day long, all year round, and this style, combined with a solid roof, means you have a warm environment with a relaxing ambience. If you also own a gable conservatory but find you would like to improve the thermal efficiency of this room so that you can relax in this space more often then an UltraRoof is the solution you’re looking for. The simple design of a gable conservatory means installing an UltraRoof is quick and easy, and it’s also the perfect canvas upon which to display this aesthetically pleasing product. Choose between grey, brown and red roofing tiles, to best tie in with the main roof of your home and, if you wish, you can add large glazed sections in any part of the roof that you wish.

Lean-To Conservatory

Lean-to conservatories are simple to install, and fit especially well into those properties that are more limited on space in which an extension or conservatory can be built. As they have a slanted roof that points away from the roof, they are the perfect canvas on which to display the attractive quality of UltraRoof roofing tiles, which look remarkably like their stone predecessors, but are much more effective at weatherproofing and increasing the thermal efficiency of your lean-to conservatory. The tiles themselves come in a range of colours, meaning you can choose a shade that best suits the roofs in your home. To this you can also add some glazed sections, to allow more light to enter your home, as well adding an interesting focal point to that space. From the interior of your home you’ll have a beautifully framed sky view, whilst from the outside you can see a modern home extension with tinted glass that has a whole range of benefits, such as being self-cleaning or solar reflective.


Edwardian Conservatory

Many conservatories today are relatively simple and sleek in design, in keeping with the contemporary look that suits our lifestyles and tastes today. However, many properties that come with existing conservatories are usually Edwardian in style, as this type of conservatory was particularly popular in the 90’s and early 2000’s. This style can look a little dated when it’s accompanied by a polycarbonate sheet roof, which is why many homeowners will look to replace their roof with a more modern option, such as a solid roof solution. To really modernise your conservatory then choosing an UltraRoof is the ideal choice, updating it in a style that suits you and your home. All that is required for this modernisation is that there be a solid wall upon which the roof can rest, whilst all other walls can use glass panels, as Edwardian conservatories often do. To finish off the installation, we will also fit either aluminium or traditional slate ridge caps, to attain the aesthetic you’re aiming for.

Victorian Conservatory

With their 3 to 5-bay front and consequentially rounded appearance, you would not be blamed for thinking that it may be difficult to re-roof your Victorian conservatory. However, fortunately this is not the case when using UltraRoof as your re-roofing product of choice. Your 3 or 5-bay Victorian conservatory can be covered in either grey, red or brown slates and each of the bay sections joined together by means of a ridge cap, which come in two styles. Choose an ‘armadillo’ ridge cap for a more traditional look that blends in with your tiles, or an aluminium option, which will give your conservatory a contemporary feel. The tiles used in an UltraRoof installation are specially designed for the system and are especially resistant to weathering effects, such as splitting and cracking, as well as being designed to retain their colour for years to come.

UltraRoof means you have a relaxing place to rest, at the perfect temperature, all year long.

One of the main reasons why homeowners finally resolve to install a solid roof on their conservatory is to better its ability to maintain a steady temperature throughout the year, regardless of how searingly hot or freezing cold it may be outside. Many older conservatories tend to have been installed with polycarbonate roofs, which, though relatively cheap, are not effective when it comes to heat retention and overall thermal effectiveness. Conservatories with polycarbonate roofs are a prime example of those conservatories that are too cold to use in the winter and too hot to be comfortable in in the summer.

Glass roofs can help but if you’re really intent on solving the temperature problems in your conservatory then investing in an UltraRoof is the solution you need. Able to retain heat unlike any other conservatory and extension roofing product, it is also incredibly lightweight, making it fast and easy to install. What’s more, if you so wish, glazed panels can be incorporated into the roof to make sure you get the most light and the best views possible.

A replacement roof that’s advanced like no other available today.

A roof replacement project can seem a little daunting but there’s no need to worry when you’re using UltraRoof as your roofing solution of choice. A lightweight and thermally efficient solution to your previous roofing problems, this product is specifically designed to improve your conservatory or extension. When it comes to fitting an UltraRoof the process is simple; the original roof is carefully removed before the existing windows and doors are checked to ensure their structural stability is sound. Most homeowners do generally replace their conservatory windows and doors at this stage of the process, in order to further modernise and weatherproof their home. If this is also what you would prefer to do then we will simply use the conservatory base and work from this point. If you don’t have a conservatory to begin with and are looking to install one then we will, of course, be more than happy to help you with the installation process.

Replacement Roof

Many homes nowadays have been modified to accommodate conservatories and extensions. if you own one of these homes and wish to improve your existing conservatory then you can keep your revamping costs low by simply replacing the roof with an UltraRoof substitute. So long as existing doors and windows are in good condition they can remain in place, meaning costs are kept low and achievable. The whole revamping process will then be exceedingly quick, which may surprise you. In fact, our expert installation team can achieve a watertight covering on your conservatory or extension in just 2-3 hours, with the entire roof reaching completion the very next day.

Frames & Roof

Conservatories have been a fashionable and quick way to increase the amount of floor-space in your home for a long time now, which is why many homes may come with conservatories that are now quite out of date and not as high performing as they should be. In the last decade windows and doors have become more attractive, more secure and much better at increasing the thermal performance of your home, which means your conservatory could be falling behind when compared to contemporary ones. For this reason many homeowners may wish to replace their conservatory windows and doors when fitting an UltraRoof. You can choose to have the same or different fittings, whilst we simply use the existing foundation and brickwork to bring you your brand new conservatory.

New Build

Most homeowners looking to install an UltraRoof on their conservatory have an older model, that has existed on the premises for quite a while. However, that doesn’t mean that the UltraRoof product is only suitable in these instances, in fact, UltraRoof is just as suitable for use on new build conservatories and extensions. An UltraRoof installation is incredibly simple on a new build, and will most likely be one of the swiftest parts of the overall project, meaning there is little disruption caused to both you and your family. As all UltraRoofs are re-assembled and factory made there is very little on site waste, and as our installers can work to create a watertight room in only one day, the decoarting you have planned can begin much sooner than you may have anticipated.

Coloured roof slates to match every home aesthetic

The UltraRoof roofing system uses slates to best insulate and protect your home from the elements. These roofing slates are at once highly durable and low maintenance, meaning that once they’re installed you don’t need to worry that they’ll crack or split over time, like their traditional stone counterparts. Instead, the UltraRoof tiles are made from a polymer which looks just like stone, but comes in a selection of three colours including carbon grey, terra brick and harvest brown. They’re also incredibly quick to install and help to trap heat in your home, all whilst helping to make your home look modern and aesthetically pleasing.

These roofing slates are then joined together by the use of ridge caps, which come in either a more traditional style in the colour of your tiles, or as an aluminium structure, which can help to make your home look slick and contemporary. When it comes to choosing the roof slates that are perfect for you, you can choose to match the colour of these to the main roof in your home or to the glazed sections that we can install, which come tinted according to preference, in aqua, blue and bronze.

Building regulation worries are a thing of the past…

The UltraRoof roofing system is a well approved product, having a wealth of backing from regulations agencies and being a Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and Local Authority Building Standards Scotland (LABSS) roofing solution. Because it has these accreditation’s, it’s much easier to gain approval for projects involving its use than it is for those projects using an inferior roofing product. If your new home project will need Building Regulations approval then there’s no need to worry; the planned use of UltraRoof will mean you application is fasttracked and soon accepted. Getting Building Regulations approval can seem like a bigger minefield than it really is, but to help ease your mind we’ll be there every step of the way to either help you or to take control of this step for you. This will ensure your new project doesn’t meet with any problems now or in the future.

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The Benefits of UltraRoof

To ensure you get the very best we offer UltraRoof; the latest in tiled, energy-efficient solid roofs.

So good are these roofs in terms of cost, design, insulation and durability, that many are predicting they will revolutionise the market. Consisting of minimal separate parts, no expensive steel work and no structural tie bars, UltraRoof can be easily created to fit any shape or design.

One particular benefit is that UltraRoof can be installed much quicker and simpler than any other type of roof system; thereby also helping to reduce price. UltraRoof is also unique in terms of styling as it can incorporate large, made-to-measure glass panels into the roof design, providing additional natural sunlight and interesting sky views.