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Leading installer of stylish Patio Doors in the Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey areas.

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Patio Doors

Patio doors have continued to remain popular because they are one of the quickest, most affordable ways to transform the feel of your home. Their large, elegant glass panes and the instant, easy access they provide to the outside help create a feeling of great spaciousness. Opening in seconds and designed to fit any space, Patio Sliding Doors are a great way to inject some new life into your home.

As a Patio Door slides back onto itself, it will take up virtually no space. As a result, they can be fitted almost anywhere in your home; with them being especially good at dividing an existing space into two separate living areas. Of course, patio doors can also be used to provide a quick, wide-access entrance into and out of your home, as well as a versatile, functional doorway into your garden.

Wide range of choice

Featuring easy-glide rollers and the very latest, most durable materials, your UPVC Patio Doors will stand the test of time and continue to look brand new with nothing more than a quick wipe with a cloth. From 2, 3, or 4 pane doors, to the inclusion of side-windows, we ensure enough options to guarantee you get the best doors for you and your home.

As a local, family-run business we are proud of our reputation of providing and installing low cost patio doors in Berkshire. Understanding the need to reduce how much Patio Doors cost, we strive to offer the lowest prices available.

Space Saving

Not everyone has the financial clout to buy a conservatory when they’re tight for space in the home. That’s when a set of Patio Doors become a really fabulous alternative as each time they’re fully opened and your residence becomes exposed to the outdoors, your home will feel more spacious than ever before. The natural light that shines through the glass will also illuminate your living space to leave it feeling bright and roomy.

External & Internal

The sidewards motion you get when utilising Patio Doors enables you to make a raft of openings from the most miniscule to a significantly large vacuum for the sun to pass in through. Your garden will become even more part of your home when you play with your Patio Doors. However you decide to leave them, open or closed, they offer a superbly level of stylishness. You can even have them installed in between two internal areas if that’s what works best.


When we’re appointed to install a brand new Patio Doors the available aperture varies from home to home, some being exceptionally large, whilst others are more minimalist. Whatever space you happen to have available we will specially configure the doors to fit by creating a design that you have final approval over before any form of installation takes place. We can create anything from a two pane Patio Door to a design that encompasses four panes of glass.

Finish your Patio Doors in a colour to complement your home…

You will need plenty of time to decide which finish you would prefer to have applied to your Patio Doors as we have a wide stock of coloured finishes for both our UPVC and aluminium frames. The colour you select will never diminish over time either as they’re all completely weather-resistant so even 10 or 20 years down the line it’ll look as though the frames have only just been coated in

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Customer Satisfaction Commitment

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction we also ensure that every one of our window and door installations is assessed by an independent Government approved inspector. Not required to do this by law, we insist on this measure to ensure your satisfaction. To further reinforce the conviction we have in the quality of our products and the expertise of our fitters, we offer homeowners throughout Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey a 10 year guarantee.