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    Solid Roofs

Solid Roof Replacements

Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey's biggest range of replacement conservatory roofs. Quality products, affordable prices and a friendly service that you'll love!

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The Security & Strength of a Solid Roof

The majority of solid roofs we install are for old, existing conservatories that are no longer used because they are either too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, and often both.

A Replacement Conservatory Roof enables you to breathe new life into your old conservatory, not only in terms of how energy efficient it and your home will become, but also in terms of looks and the different ways in which you use it.

Featuring the very latest, most durable materials, a new Conservatory Replacement Roof will help keep your home warmer for longer for less. Furthermore, with a variety of designs to choose from, our Conservatory Roof Replacements will instantly transform how your structure looks.

Why choose TradeMark?

Because of our understanding of your need to replace a roof as quickly and easily as possible, each of our Conservatory Roof Replacement’s are created using the renowned Guardian Warm Roof ™ system. This revolutionary system is designed to remove an old roof and replace it with a modern, solid roof while still retaining your original windows, doors, frames, and walls. Such a system allows you to quickly and affordably transform an existing structure.

Boasting incredible energy efficiency and noise reduction, the Guardian Warm Roof ™ system also offers flexibility in design and thin, stylish walls. As a result, not only will your conservatory be cosy yet airy on the inside, but also impressive to look at on the outside.

Always striving to reduce conservatory roof replacement cost, we are proud to offer the lowest conservatory roof replacement prices in Berkshire. As a family-run business with over 20 years of local experience, here at TradeMark we understand the importance of product quality, customer service and unbeatable value for money. To reflect our belief in the quality and durability of our products, as well as the expertise of our fitters, we provide homeowners throughout Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey a 10-year guarantee on all of our products.

The perfect roofing system for conservatories and orangeries…


When a conservatory fails to provide the standard of thermal efficiency it did at the time of its original installation chances are that the current roofing system has seen better days and needs to be upgraded and replaced. Our contemporary roofing system will ensure your extension stays warm and comfortable over a prolonged period so that you can utilise the space all-year round.


Whenever a customer buys a conservatory from TradeMark we always talk sit them down and go through every available possibility before proceeding with the final design. At some point we will give mention of the roofing systems we have available for the structure, namely the solid roof which provides outstanding performance and looks exceptionally good too. One of the best attributes of the solid roof is that it can be fitted into your conservatory design quickly and efficiently which is a particularly strong selling point for those who are solely looking to replace an existing roof. The quickness of installation is due to the existing presence of glazed facets in the conservatory and absence of full height brick walls and a standard roof wrapper.


The solid roof is regularly utilised in orangery design ahead of alternative roofing systems, especially in those that are configured in a double-ended Edwardian configuration. The primary role of the roof is to ensure that the structure stays at a consistent temperature so that all incumbents can revel in it whenever the temptation arises. Also consider having mounted spotlights or centre pivot windows included in the roof to assist with ventilation.


There are alternative forms of home extension in addition to the conservatory and orangery and if you own one of them then you can still have a solid roof incorporated into it. It comes in a number of eye-catching finishes and is available as lightweight slate or lightweight tiles depending on your preference. Both perform extremely well.


A porch installation will be a far quicker process should you opt to have a Warm Roof included, whether it happens to be a small or large project. Sleeker porches could be concluded within just a few hours due to the efficiency of the Warm Roof and the ease with which it can be incorporated into it.

A solid roof will be the perfect choice for your conservatory or orangery extension…


If a conservatory cannot be utilised as and when you want to enter its surrounds then there isn’t much point in owning one as it will inevitably become redundant space. So that you can get maximum use out of it, make sure that you ask for a solid roof to be included as it contains an insulated plywood and rigid insulation board for this exact purpose.

Solid Look & Feel

A painstaking amount of time and effort has been dedicated towards ensuring that the solid roof looks the part when assimilated into the conservatory design whether being utilised in an entirely new or existing structure. Weathering will have no slight on its appearance either as each solid roof has a weather-proof exterior.

Simple Fit

The main reason why a solid roof can be fitted so quickly is because we pre-fabricate the roof to reduce the amount of time we need to spend at your home placing it on top of your chosen home improvement product.

Internal finishes available for your solid roof room…

The most popular form of internal finish tends to be painted plasterboard as it is a simple, plain, yet classic appearance that never seems to date and will keep the inside of the structure on trend throughout its entire lifespan. But there is another option, one that is completely different from painted plasterboard and that is a timber clad finish. The warmth of the finish really pays off in the winter months as when paired with a centre pivot timber roof window it creates a ‘cabin-style’ feel.

Add that extra luxury with roof windows…

We always make it clear to customers that should they decide to include a centre pivot windows then they will lose a little bit of natural sunlight inside their conservatory. But this shouldn’t be viewed negatively as the issue can easily be resolved by including one of two roof windows in the solid roof so that they sun can still force its way inside and illuminate the space. During the warmest months of the year you can also leave them open to help ventilate the extension.

High-quality roof tiles that perform outstandingly…

Choosing between lightweight tiles and lightweight slates will have no bearing on the quality of the Warm Roof you have fitted as both are proven when it comes to providing strength and durability. They’re also weather-proof which means that you have no need to worry about them weakening or losing their elegant finish.

Lightweight Tile

Once your conservatory roof drops in performance it is imperative that you get it replaced as soon as you can otherwise you run the risk of not being able to use the space regularly. We can get it exchanged quickly with our lightweight tiles which come in finishes of red, charcoal, green, umber and ebony.

Lightweight Slate

It’s easy to be seduced by traditional slate as it offers supreme character and when brand new has an authenticity like nothing else. But once it starts to age and cracks, weakens etc. it can be difficult to return it back to its original condition unless you constantly dedicate yourself towards maintaining it. Our lightweight slate never decreases in quality and is available in colours of pewter grey, plum, stone, black and brick red.

A selection of colours to blend with your home…

The inclusion of a solid roof in your new or existing conservatory design needs to be thought through carefully at the outset as the finish applied to it needs to be suitably sympathetic to the roof tiles of your home. You should have no issues finding a colour that has the desired effect as we have an extensive range of options.

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We understand that for some, seeing a picture or video is not enough for such an important decision. That is why we have created our fantastic Woodley showroom. The biggest indoor showroom of its kind in the area, we are proud to offer a fantastic range of conservatories, windows and doors on display. Featuring workable models, our displays allow you to see, touch and feel the quality of our products for yourself, as well as enabling you to make a clearer decision as to what best suits your needs.