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UPVC Doors

Doors play many important roles, but none bigger than that of your home’s security.

A strong, well designed Door will significantly improve your home’s security; giving you important peace-of-mind. Here at TradeMark we take this very seriously. As such, we use only the very best, strongest materials in the construction of all of our doors. Featuring toughened frames and multi-locking systems that provide exceptional security, UPVC Doors also boast incredible energy efficiency and noise reduction.

Surpassing the insulation properties of both wood and aluminium, UPVC is non-conductive; meaning your doors will not transfer heat out, and thereby keeping your home warmer for longer for less. Since its introduction, UPVC has quickly grown into the most sought after material for doors. This popularity is because UPVC Doors offer homeowners so many benefits. Strong, durable, and practically maintenance-free, UPVC Doors in Berkshire continue to grow in popularity. Never fading, rotting, or requiring repainting, your UPVC Doors will look brand new for many years to come, and require no more maintenance than a quick wipe with a cloth.

Why choose TradeMark?

With over 20 years of local experience, here at TradeMark we understand that homes in the Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey area come in a variety of styles.

This is why we offer a wide choice of UPVC colours and finishes for you to choose from. From traditional white to vibrant contemporary colours and incredibly realistic woodgrain finishes, we will do everything we can to get you the right doors for your home. As such, we offer the biggest selection of doors and accessories in the area, with a huge selection of UPVC Doors online for you to view.

Good hardware is integral for a good door…

A UPVC door will only make a big impression if it has some quality hardware fitted to it which is why we dedicate ourselves to producing a fabulously outstanding range of hardware options. This is includes the very finest hinges, handles, letterboxes, number plates etc. Once affixed to the door you can expect each individual form of hardware to offer a stunning finish and massively contribute towards the door’s overall performance levels.

Cutting heat loss to a minimum…

When heat loss readily occurs in the home it is usually because the windows and doors fitted are failing to provide the necessary insulation due to the ageing process. The longer you persist with old windows and doors, the more likely it is that you will be stung financially by energy bills. Replacing your front and/or back door is a proven method of driving down the cost of heating bills and creating a warmer ambience within the home.

Safety and security

All of our UPVC Doors are made from the most secure components, using the newest technologies to ensure that they offer the highest level of safety for your home and family. Our doors are designed and installed to keep your family safe and secure!

Make your door grab all the attention…

You need people to take immediate notice of your UPVC door and should you have a design installed that includes door panelling then you can have a Golden Oak, Rosewood or Classic White finish applied to it. Your colour options become even more generous if you decide to do away with the door panelling and include more glass in the design which can be patterned glass should you want it to be.


Colours such as Golden Oak, Rosewood, and White never seem to go out of fashion which is why we utilise them on our UPVC front and back door panels and offer frames complementary to each individual offering. An even broader colour range is available if you opt for a door that is predominantly glazed and minus any panelling. Further character can be added to your door thanks to our textured and patterned glass designs, and sophisticated hardware solutions.

Textured Glass…

A plain glass door looks fantastic but you there is alternative option in the form of textured glass which offers a significantly different type of aesthetic when inserted into the door frame. We have a number of textured glass varieties some of which are christened as Cotswold, Sycamore, Digital and Autumn Leaf.

See some of our UPVC door projects

Take a look through the UPVC doors projects we’ve completed for some of our happy customers, or visit our projects page for a broader look of other types of projects

Leaded Windows & Doors

These leaded windows and doors give a traditional feel, as the leaded panes and shapes in the door glass allow for a more intricate design, meaning...


Woodgrain Windows & Front Door

These woodgrain UPVC windows and doors add a traditional look to a modern home, opting for a classic casement style front door with a frosted glass...


Bungalow Windows, Doors & Roofline

White UPVC Casement windows were used on this property to complement the lighter brickwork and white roofline, then contrasted with a black composite front door to...


Woodgrain UPVC Windows & Front Door

This customer opted for a natural looking woodgrain finish to the UPVC windows and UPVC casement front door give this house a traditional look and feel....


Woodgrain Windows & Front Door

Stylish UPVC casement windows in a woodgrain effect complement a matching woodgrain composite door that offers excellent security with cutting edge design to enhance the look...



What makes us different?

We are constantly looking at ways to reduce UPVC Door prices, we do everything we can to reduce how much UPVC Doors cost. As a local-based business, we understand perfectly the importance of reputation. That is why we have always placed customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do.

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction we also ensure that every one of our window and door installations is assessed by an independent Government approved inspector. Not required to do this by law, we insist on this measure to ensure your satisfaction. To further reinforce the conviction we have in the quality of our products and the expertise of our fitters, we offer homeowners throughout Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey a 10 year guarantee.