Window Emergency? Call Out A TradeMark Window Doctor

Mar 12, 2017

It’s the last thing anybody needs when their car fails them in some way and the same can be applied to when one of the windows or doors at your home or the conservatory becomes subject to damage.

What you mustn’t do is ignore the problem as it could lead to the situation progressively becoming worse and cost you more financially than it should do. You may also be putting the security of your home at risk and be left kicking yourself if someone breaks in and gets away with your personal belongings.

Just as you would instantly call out the breakdown specialists or take your car to the garage at the first sign of trouble, whenever anything bad happens to your doors, windows or conservatory you should automatically call out TradeMark’s Window Doctor.

After assessing the situation, the Window Doctor will inform you of the diagnosis, the necessary cure and how much it will cost to apply it.

They can provide solutions to each of the following:

• Misted or Broken Sealed Units
• Window Lock, Hinge and Handle Replacement
• Door Lock, Handle and Furniture Replacement
• Window or Door Re-alignment and Adjustment
• Cat and Dog Flaps Fitted
• Conservatory Leaks and Storm Damage
• Conservatory Roof Upgrades Polycarbonate and Glass
• Insurance and Expired Guarantee Repairs

It can prove hugely cost-effective repairing rather than replacing as our Window Doctor is an expert at giving areas of the home a whole new lease of life for a sustained period, not just a few weeks/months.

So don’t delay, give the Window Doctor a call today.